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Stick around for more drawings to come! You can also help me improve by dropping some review here and there. ^^


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Hey there, internet dweller,

Turns out I got hooked up onto TF2 once again and that accepting it's currency was much more viable than looking for real life money.

So, what does this mean?

It means I'm back to commissions, and everything has returned to normal. Some things have changed, obviously, because I'm going to start university soon. Here's some important data, extracted from my Skial thread:

Heer's da price list:
  1. Sketch (pencil-only, one character)1 ref.
  2. Lineart (ink-only, one character) 3 ref.
  3. Finished! (coloured, with shadows and highlights, simple posing, simple background) 4ref
  4. Finished and moar details (same as option 3, allows more complex posing, normal background) minimum 10 ref.
  5. Wallpapers (like option 4, meant for a wallpaper, complex posing and background) minimum 1 key.

Note that this is for a single character, in case you want more, the price will rise according to the complexity of the others. Also, if you want me to make do something REAL cool, or just request a very complex drawing, you can always pay me a bit extra. How much you pay depends on the extra quality.
And PLEASE, be exact on the price, no "I can pay you a bit more if you do it right". People can take advantage on that, example: let's say I was told I'd be paid from 1-5 keys if I executed it really well, and I put all my heart into it, and the commissioneer still pays me 1 key.
Want a commission? Here's a lil' form for you to fill:
- Game/Movie/Comic origin:
- Class:

- Team:
- Level of completion of the work:
- Payment:
- References:
- Pose:
- Background:

* Note that "Class" and "Team" are only needed in the case of a TF2 Art commission.
* If you can't come up with any pose, I will improvise.
* "References" are pictures of the character you want me to draw, usually clear shots from the front, sides and back work perfectly for me.
* A complex "Background" is only allowed if you chose option 4 or 5.
* "Payment" is always the exact amount, and if you're paying extra I will notice it, don't worry.

Here's an example of a TF2 Art Commission! :la:
o Class: Spy
o Team: RED
o Option chosen: 4, Finished and moar details.
o Payment: 14 ref
o References:…
o Pose: Backstabbing a heavy.
o Background: Light and dark red dots all over around!

* When do you usually work? :o
I'll soon be going to the university, but usually almost every night and on weekends.

* Can I pay you in items? >_>
I prefer pure, like most TF2 traders, but I can consider taking an item, if I really like it.
* Can I check the progress of my request? [​IMG]
Sure you can, just send me a private message, I'll upload my progress on my Deviantart page and send you the link to your Steam chat OR send the image via mail, whatever you prefer. ^^

* Why are all your drawings watermarked? Do I, your "commissioneer", get a watermarked version as well? >:/
To prevent stealing, I don't want to take any chances. And of course not, I'll send a higher-quality and watermark-less version to you via e-mail. :dummy:

* Can I upload the images where I see fit? :s
You've got the right to do that, since you paid for the drawing, but it'd be better if you gave me credit, in case someone else wants a commission too.

* Can I pay you after the drawing is done? >:3
No, this is to make sure I'm not spending time on a drawing that I won't get paid for. Unless it's a big request, in which case I'll ask to be paid in parts, so that we both count on each other not trying to scam the other part.

* Can you draw something non-TF2 related? If so, does it raise the price? :v
Sure! And no, it doesn't raise it, the complexity of your request will, like I stated before. I won't draw Manga or Furry, because they're not my style.

That's all, see ya! :la:
~ Nicolas S.W.


I don't know, just maybe.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there, my name is Nicolás S.W. and I'm an argentinian hobbyist. :dummy:

I still have a LONG way as an artist, in both of the traditional and digital universes, if you have any suggestions on a drawing, or regarding my style, just say it! It'll help me more than you might think. :meow:

Right now I'm doing Commissions, usually in TF2's style, but I can also accept characters from other games or just real people, I can't do furries or animé because it's not my style. In any case, I'd take TF2 currency as payment, check my thread at Skial's (…) or's (…) forums to know more! :D

Well, don't have anything else to say, see ya! :wave:


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